Some good stuff that passed us by over the last couple of weeks...

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  • Thursday, 23 December 2010
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  • euan mackay
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  • Well, let's face it, things round these parts have been a wee bit quiet of late. This has been caused mainly by the fact that 'Proper Work' got mad hectic, baby daughter became increasingly all-encompassing and well, Christmas kinda happened upon me...

    Anyways, excuses out of the way, the upshot meant that there has not really been much time dedicated round these blogging parts over the last few weeks, which has meant that we missed out on quite a few decent little single/EP releases...

    Here's a quick roundup of what we missed over the last few weeks...

    Roman Photos - Decline
    Roman Photos come out of Atlanta and play really quite an ambient electro vibe, without sounding anywhere nearly as horrible as that description makes them out to be. They released a 7" on Double Phantom Records and recently had another track released on Josh Fauver's (Deerhunter's) label. For more info and to buy the 7"  click here.

    The Savings And Loan - Pale Water
    The Savings and Loan are a Scottish duo who are making some waves up north. They released their album 'Today I Need A Light' via Song, By Toad Records back in early November. Their sound is quietly dark and is compared to Cohen, National Nick Cave amongst others so you get the jist of what it sounds like. I'm digging it quite a lot at the moment, which perhaps suggests I'm nit quite in the Christmas spirit just yet. Anyways, Have a listen to this track and then go buy the record here via the label for just £8.

    Satellite Stories - Mexico
    Scandinavian 'Party Indie' anyone? Pretty much ticks all boxes right? So when I stumbled across 'four daring and unsigned satellite heroes from the arctic city of Oulu, Finland' and realised that they were singing a song called Mexico, I just had to give it a wee whirl. Turns out, it's really rather catchy. Party Indie isn't a million miles off, neither is 'What Vampire Weekend's second album should have sounded like'... Check them out here.

    Showstar - Building A House

    This is a bit of a funny one really as I'm not 100% certain if I really enjoy how belgian-britpop/indie this is or if it drives me a bit crazy. Either way it's eliciting a response of some sorts so that has to be a good thing right? Check out Showstar on their website here.

    So what do you make of this little lot? Anything in here capturing the imagination?